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Common Denominator with Moshe Popack

Inside the Mind of a Master Mentalist

Lior Suchard is widely considered one of the greatest mentalists in the world. He’s performed in over 70 countries, toured with Barbara Streisand, and appeared on The Tonight Show, The View, and much more. He shares the process by which he brings his “experiments” to life and explains how he reads people’s thoughts and feelings.


1:00 – The difference between a mentalist and an illusionist.

4:00 – How the psychology of an audience member helps Lior manipulate their mind.

8:00 – How the ideas behind Lior’s experiments come to life.

10:32 – How he ended up on Jay Leno, Larry King, and many more hit shows.

14:32 – Why “experiments” work on some people but not on others.

19:00 – What Lior is most grateful for in his life.

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