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Common Denominator with Moshe Popack

How to Start Your Day Like an Elite Athlete

Nathalie Cardona overcame body dysmorphia and an eating disorder to become a national bikini competitor. She shares the mindset and physical discipline it takes to be an elite athlete and offers advice on how to live each day with intention.


1:30 – The discipline it takes to be a national fitness competitor.

4:30 – How Nathalie sets her gym routine before a competition.

6:00 – How sleep impacts weight loss.

10:00 – The mindset you need to achieve your fitness goals.

12:00 – How to start your day with intention.

15:00 – What really happens at a national bikini competition.

19:30 – Why lifestyle coaching is so gratifying for Nathalie.

21:30 – How Nathalie overcame body dysmorphia and an eating disorder.

25:30 – The fascinating career Nathalie initially wanted to pursue.

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