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Common Denominator with Moshe Popack

Louis Chaix and His Personal Journey

One year ago, Louis Chaix rollerbladed across the U.S.A. in 45 days, setting a world record. He did it to raise money and awareness about the rare disease that almost killed him. In this episode, Louis shares his exciting and incredible journey from California to New York.


2:00 – Louis describes the disease that almost killed him.

5:00 – Louis shares the moment he knew he’d live.

7:30 – Years later, he struggled with “survivor’s guilt.”

11:00 – Why Louis keeps taking “one more step” and pushing through adversity.

13:30 – How Louis got the idea to rollerblade across the U.S.A.

18:00 – Louis’s training regimen was intense!

22:30 – Reframing “sacrifice” as an “investment in your future.”

25:00 – The craziest moments in his cross-country journey.

31:20 – The #1 thing Louis is most grateful for in life.

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