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Common Denominator with Moshe Popack

Are Employee-Owned Companies the Future?

Kerry Siggins is the CEO of three companies, each of which uses the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership) model. She shares why it’s crucial to develop an employee-first culture, what she thinks the future of business looks like, and the steps she took in her darkest days to overcome addiction.


2:00 – Kerry breaks down her three very unique companies

7:00 – Having clarity around your management vision is crucial

10:46 – Why Kerry believes in the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership) model

15:00 – How an employee ownership model is the evolution of capitalism

18:00 – Why she launched her podcast “Reflect Forward”

21:45 – How she hit rock bottom and then overcame addiction

27:00 – She’s most grateful for feeling a sense of belonging

30:30 – Why she’s a fan of biofield energy tuning

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