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Common Denominator with Moshe Popack

About Common Denominator

At last, a podcast that showcases optimism, positivity, and human connection.

In an increasingly divisive world, Moshe Popack’s Common Denominator seeks to bring out the best in all of us. Moshe’s guests are unique personalities with diverse backgrounds and points-of-view whose experiences will inspire listeners to seek common ground with others in their own lives.

No topic is off limits and no conversation is taboo. Whether it’s health, adventure, politics, or even intimacy, Common Denominator explores myriad perspectives and the endless opportunities to build connected, purpose-filled lives.

Let’s find out what brings us together!

About Moshe Popack

Moshe Popack is a third-generation entrepreneur, a successful businessman, and active community leader who is inspired and driven by his commitment to family, faith, and making a difference in the lives of others.

A Brooklyn, New York native, Moshe earned an undergraduate degree from Yeshiva University, an MBA from Long Island University, and a JD from Touro Law School.

In 2007, Moshe and his wife Yaffa relocated from New York to Miami where they put down roots, starting a family that now includes ten children and launching a real estate investment firm that has flourished despite a turbulent economy and political climate.

Moshe Popack sees potential in everyone. He believes in diversity of thought and diversity of purpose and created Common Denominator to promote a more civil, prosperous, and caring world.